Lantern 1.2.0-beta8 测试版邀请





Lantern connects people all over the world together in a social network for sharing internet connections that keeps out censors. Download now to give or get access to the open internet and help defeat censorship all over the world!

Your personalized download links:

Different links for different users makes it harder for censors to block Lantern.

Need an uncensored connection? Lantern is designed to be faster, more blocking-resistant, and easier to use than other solutions. As open source software, itʼs free to run on your computer and always will be.
Have an uncensored connection? By sharing your connection through Lantern, you can directly help people in your network who need it. It works automatically in the background, is easy to set up, and then stays out of your way.
To add even more capacity, you can also sponsor a Lantern Cloud Server, which provides uninterrupted access to you and your network 24/7.
Every additional computer running Lantern makes it that much harder for censors to block, so please run Lantern, add your friends, and spread the word!
Please note:
Lantern is still in beta testing. We are working hard to get Lantern ready for larger-scale distribution. In the meantime, you may hit snags, but you can help by reporting any problems or suggestions in the forums or privately through the Contact form in Lantern itself. Together with your help, we strive to build the most effective tool against censorship out there.
Lantern is not yet available to everyone. Install Lantern and then sign in with the same email address this email was sent to to make sure you can sign in.

More info:

A note from the Lantern developers:
As one of our first beta testers, your usage and feedback at this early stage can make a huge contribution. Donʼt hesitate to get in touch, and please consider Getting Involved. Thank you, and to equal internet access the world over!

Lantern 测试版邀请

Lantern 通过一个社交网络让全世界的人们连接在一起,通过分享互联网连接使得网络审查失效。立即下载,然后分享或连接到自由的互联网,以帮助抵御全世界的网络审查!


为每一个用户设置独立的下载链接可以加大审查者封锁 Lantern 的难度。

需要一个不受审查的网络连接? Lantern 采用了更快、更抗封锁的设计,并且比其他同类软件更易于使用。同时作为开源软件,它可以免费地在您的计算机上运行,并且永久免费。
拥有一个不受审查的网络连接? 您可以通过使用 Lantern 分享您的连接,来直接帮助您的交际圈中那些需要它的人们。它会自动在后台工作,易于设置,并且不会打扰到您的正常工作。
为了增加更多的流量,您还可以资助 Lantern 云服务器,它每周7天、每天24小时不间断地为您和您的交际圈提供网络连接。
每新增一个运行 Lantern 的计算机都会使审查者们更难封锁它,所以请运行 Lantern,邀请你的朋友加入,并让此信息继续传播下去!
Lantern 目前还在测试阶段。 我们正在努力让 Lantern 能满足更大规模的需求。在此期间,您可能会遇到一些小错误,但可以帮助我们,或是向我们报告问题,或是在论坛中提出建议。您还可以通过 Lantern 内置的联络表格来进行私人交流。在您的帮助下,我们可以一起努力打造反对审查的最强有力的工具。
Lantern 目前尚未对所有人开放。 安装 Lantern 并使用接收到这封邮件的同一个邮件地址登录,以确保您的正常使用。


来自 Lantern 开发人员的提醒:
作为我们最初的测试版的用户之一,您在这个初始阶段的使用及反馈是对我们的巨大贡献。欢迎您随时与我们联络,并请您考虑加入我们。 感谢您,推动了平等的互联网连接的发展!

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