Lantern 1.1.0 beta1 and new blocking resistant test version for Chinese users

升級方法:重新執行之前的安裝檔案 【lantern-net-installer_windows.exe】則會重新下載新版本安裝。

For any of you celebrating Christmas, first off Merry Christmas! This is the first time any of us have released new software on Christmas day, but this is a particularly unique set of circumstances. As our Chinese users are well aware, Lantern has been successfully blocked in China for the past several weeks. The Lantern team has been working hard on a new version to get around the blocking, and a small group of you should have received an email earlier today with a link to the new version. We'll be expanding this group as we run more tests, so please be patient!

In the meantime, we've continued to make improvements to the main Lantern version and have released those changes in Lantern 1.1.0 beta1, available for download immediately. For users already running Lantern, we'll be sending you a email to the updated version soon, and you can also use your old invitation email to re-install Lantern (it will automatically update to the latest version when you re-install). We should note that Lantern 1.1.0 beta1 * does not * include any new blocking resistant properties for Chinese users. Upgrading to it will not help if you're already blocked in China, and you'll instead have to wait for the aforementioned version that's currently in testing. This version does include a number of nice improvements, however, including:

1) A reduction in installer size from around 15MB to 10MB, with slight variations for different operating systems, along with no longer requiring Google Chrome to be downloaded
2) New translations in Swedish, Slovak, Japanese, Dutch and update translations in Persian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Thanks so much to our amazing translators!

For a full list of changes, please see:

In addition, as a result of the blocking, we've also turned off the ability to automatically get invited directly from the web site. For now, the only way to get Lantern if you don't already have it is for another user to invite you.

Thanks so much for everyone's continued support. We'll be working hard to make Lantern even better in 2014!

- Team Lantern

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