imgCool Tunnelier 2.3

an auto tunnel software with full features and protection for anonymous tunneling. imgCool Tunnelier is created based modification Tor, Bitvise and Proxifier Engine. With imgCool Tunnelier You can play around with your server and internet connection. You don't have to install this software because this is running with portable system.

By using imgCool Tunnelier 2.3, you can do:

1. Multi Connection Server
2. Filtering Connection
3. Manipulate IP Address
4. Bypass Block DNS Server
5. Browsing with Direct Proxy Tunnel (Only IE and Google Chrome)
6. Tunneling via HTTP Proxy, Socks4 and Socks5
7. Add Route IP, Delete IP, route print and other IP Configuration
8. Play Game Online via Proxy Server
9. Connection with TOR Server
10. Support Modem GSM, Internet Cable, LAN and Wifi
11. Auto Create Dial Up with DNS Google
12. Dial Up connection from imgCool Tunnelier
13. Update Anti virus
14. Win 8 Apps Store
15. Direct Tunneling without Proxifier
16. Proxy winHTTP
17. Etc


  • Auto Tunneling Bitvise and Proxifier
  • Multi Tunneling
  • Multi SSH Server
  • Multi Proxy Server
  • Super Route
  • Simple CMD (support with run as admin mode)
  • Default Proxy Server (Squid Proxy)
  • Custom Tunneling Proxy Server (Open Proxy Server)
  • Custom Proxy Connection Mode (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5)
  • Proxy Server LAN
  • Custom / Direct Tunneling Proxy Server LAN
  • Dial Up Connection
  • Create Dial Up Profile without APN
  • Create Dial Up Profile without Default Gateway
  • Check System Info
  • Check Bandwidth Meter
  • Save sessions server key in Registry or No Registry at all
  • Stealth, Log Only and Full menu options
  • Direct Tunneling Proxy winHTTP (No Proxifier)
  • Log Process of imgCool Tunnelier
  • Connection to the Tor Server
  • Load and Save Configuration Profile
  • Multi Server + Multi Account

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