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自由浏览器安卓版 FreeBrowser 1.0 发布 可以自动翻墙访问任何网站

Written By Guests Zhen on 2015/02/26 | 26.2.15




Tor Browser 4.5-alpha-4 (4.5系列的第四個alpha版本发布)基於Firefox ESR 31.5.0.,更新重要的安全问题、更新 obfs4proxy 至 0.0.4、更新 Torbutton 至 在新链接建立的Tor链路 提高匿名程度

The Tor Browser team is proud to announce the release of the fourth alpha of the 4.5 series of Tor Browser. The release is available from the extended downloads pageand also from our distribution directory.
Tor Browser 4.5a4 is based on Firefox ESR 31.5.0, which features important security updates to Firefox. Moreover, this release includes an updated Tor,, and switches Scramblesuit and obfs3 bridge support to a new golang-based implementation. We are especially interested in hearing any issues with using obfs3, obfs4, and Scramblesuit in this release.
The release also features several improvements to usability, following the results of the usability sprint at the end of last month. In particular, the Torbutton onion menu and related preference windows have been overhauled to provide more simplicity and more focus. The onion menu now features a much requested "New Circuit for this site" option, and the security and privacy settings window have been simplified. For censored users, the first run configuration wizard was also improved to present the choice of Pluggable Transport before the local proxy information, in an effort to avoid confusion between Pluggable Transports and local proxies. As can be seen from the changelog below, the release contains several other usability tweaks and enhancements as well.
Here is the full changelog for changes since 4.5-alpha-3:
  • All Platforms
    • Update Firefox to 31.5.0esr
    • Update Tor to
    • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1l
    • Update NoScript to
    • Update obfs4proxy to 0.0.4
      • Use obfs4proxy for ScrambleSuit bridges
    • Update Torbutton to
      • Bug 13882: Fix display of bridges after bridge settings have been changed
      • Bug 5698: Use "Tor Browser" branding in "About Tor Browser" dialog
      • Bug 10280: Strings and pref for preventing plugin initialization.
      • Bug 14866: Show correct circuit when more than one exists for a given domain
      • Bug 9442: Add New Circuit button to Torbutton menu
      • Bug 9906: Warn users before closing all windows and performing new identity.
      • Bug 8400: Prompt for restart if disk records are enabled/disabled.
      • Bug 14630: Hide Torbutton's proxy settings tab.
      • Bug 14632: Disable Cookie Manager until we get it working.
      • Bug 11175: Remove "About Torbutton" from onion menu.
      • Bug 13900: Remove remaining SafeCache code in favor of C++ patch
      • Bug 14490: Use Disconnect search in about:tor search box
      • Bug 14392: Don't steal input focus in about:tor search box
      • Bug 11236: Don't set omnibox order in Torbutton (to prevent translation)
      • Bug 13406: Stop directing users to download-easy.html.en on update
      • Bug 9387: Handle "custom" mode better in Security Slider
      • Bug 12430: Bind jar: pref to Security Slider
      • Bug 14448: Restore Torbutton menu operation on non-English localizations
      • Translation updates
    • Update Tor Launcher to
      • Bug 13271: Display Bridge Configuration wizard pane before Proxy pane
      • Bug 14336: Fix navigation button display issues on some wizard panes
      • Translation updates
    • Bug 14203: Prevent meek from displaying an extra update notification
    • Bug 14849: Remove new NoScript menu option to make permissions permanent
    • Bug 14851: Set NoScript pref to disable permanent permissions
    • Bug 14490: Make Disconnect the default omnibox search engine
    • Bug 11236: Fix omnibox order for non-English builds
      • Also remove Amazon, eBay and bing; add Youtube and Twitter
    • Bug 10280: Don't load any plugins into the address space.
    • Bug 14392: Make about:tor hide itself from the URL bar
    • Bug 12430: Provide a preference to disable remote jar: urls
    • Bug 13900: Remove 3rd party HTTP auth tokens via Firefox patch
    • Bug 5698: Fix branding in "About Torbrowser" window
  • Windows:
    • Bug 13169: Don't use /dev/random on Windows for SSP
  • Linux:
    • Bug 13717: Make sure we use the bash shell on Linux
Note: Once again, the individual bundles of both Tor Browser series are signed by one of the subkeys of the Tor Browser Developers signing key from now on. You can find its fingerprint on the Signing Keys page. It is:
pub   4096R/0x4E2C6E8793298290 2014-12-15
      Key fingerprint = EF6E 286D DA85 EA2A 4BA7
                        DE68 4E2C 6E87 9329 8290


Tor Browser 4.0.4 穩定版發布 基於Firefox ESR 31.5.0,包含更新NoScript、HTTPS-Everywhere 4.0.3、和OpenSSL to 1.0.1

A new release for the stable Tor Browser is available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.
Note: The individual bundles of the stable series are signed by one of the subkeys of the Tor Browser Developers signing key from now on, too. You can find its fingerprint on the Signing Keys page. It is:
pub   4096R/0x4E2C6E8793298290 2014-12-15
      Key fingerprint = EF6E 286D DA85 EA2A 4BA7
                        DE68 4E2C 6E87 9329 8290

Tor Browser 4.0.4 is based on Firefox ESR 31.5.0, which features important security updates to Firefox. Additionally, it contains updates to NoScript, HTTPS-Everywhere, and OpenSSL (none of the OpenSSL advisories since OpenSSL 1.0.1i have affected Tor, but we decided to update to the latest 1.0.1 release anyway).
Here is the changelog since 4.0.3:
  • All Platforms
    • Update Firefox to 31.5.0esr
    • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1l
    • Update NoScript to
    • Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 4.0.3
    • Bug 14203: Prevent meek from displaying an extra update notification
    • Bug 14849: Remove new NoScript menu option to make permissions permanent
    • Bug 14851: Set NoScript pref to disable permanent permissions


如何摆好科学上网正确姿势之在线代理(web proxy)篇(1)

在众多翻墙工具里面,在线代理(web proxy)是最简单的了,只要打开浏览器就可以用,不需要安装任何软件,也不要做任何设置。唯一不足就是,弹窗广告太多。

在线代理也是所有的免费翻墙工具里面最常用的,其中依然顽强存活在中华局域网下的有以下 17 个:
  1. http://www.ccdaili.com
  2. http://pngbus.com
  3. http://tranquilityclinic.ga
  4. http://tranquilityclinic.cf
  5. http://www.shopcorrente.tk
  6. http://www.uastocktrading.tk
  7. http://www.mycellcode.tk
  8. http://www.westbro.tk
  9. http://www.buydontrent.tk
  10. http://www.divcd.tk
  11. http://www.lensedepot.tk
  12. http://www.nicklandscape.tk
  13. http://www.divcd.tk
  14. http://www.bigdaddyhome.tk
  15. http://www.uwish.tk
  16. http://www.gdeeo.tk
  17. http://m.ebuddy.com.php.exorace.com
要使用以上任意一个在线代理,只需要点击它的链接,接着输入被墙网站的 URL 或者域名,然后按下“输入”键或者点击输入框后面的“Go”、 “Surf”、“Browse”之类的按钮,你就可以翻墙了。
以上 17 个在线代理网站在这篇文章发表时:2015/02/19



1.打开proxifer,在profile→proxy server里添加127.0.0.1 端口为1080的代理(有的服务器可能不是默认的1080,比如我自己的,请注意核对。),下面的protocol勾选socks version 5。
2.在profile→proxification rules里,将default一行的action改为direct,不然所有程序都会连不上网
4.顺便提一下,如果你要使用android sdk manager下载开发工具的话,请在rules里添加java.exe,添加sdk manager.exe没有效果。


fqrouter更及至2.12.3版 修复因为GFW新的DNS污染策略产生了大量的内置虚假ip列表問題


fqrouter是一个Android 安卓手机翻墙工具,现在更新到2.12.3版。默认使用的是一些公共代理,但是为了更加安全,你自己有代理服务器,也可以进入Settings自己添加。支持的代理协议有:GoAgent,SSH, HTTP代理,WEBVPN 以及 ShadowSocks。



Google Play 鏈接:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fq.router2

What's fqrouter

It is a software designed to help you circumvent Great Firewall of China (GFW). Fqrouter has a number of public proxies built-in, so it works out of box by just one click. It works on Android mobile, without ROOT permission. If ROOT permission is given, it can also run as "router". Being router means, not only the Android mobile running fqrouter is able to access restricted websites, it can "share" the free internet to other devices.

GFW Circumvention

fqrouter use the following methods concurrently to circumvent GFW:
  1. Bypass: scramble TCP protocol, to avoid URL keyword filtering
  2. Bypass: scramble HTTP protocol, to avoid URL keyword filtering
  3. Bypass: manually query DNS to resolve correct ip to avoid DNS hijacking
  4. Bypass: resolving google.com to not blocked ip to avoid SSL packet drop
  5. Proxy: GoAgent/SSH/HTTP/SPDY/Shadowsocks
fqrouter can bypass GFW, but there are cases (IP blocked) fqrouter has to fallback to use proxy. To maximize the stability and speed, fqrouter will try to use proxies smartly:
  1. Direct Access: for China ip
  2. Direct Access: direct connection is tried first, use proxy only if direct access blocked
  3. Fallback: one proxy died will fallback to another, without corrupting the connection
  4. Fallback: when scrambler not working, fallback to proxy transparently
  5. Load balancing: proxies used in round robin way

Free Internet Sharing

There are a number of ways to share free internet to other devices via fqrouter.
  1. wifi in => fqrouter => wifi out (A.K.A wifi repeater)
  2. Pick & Play
  3. 3G in => fqrouter => wifi out (Android built-in)
  4. 3G/wifi in => fqrouter => usb out (Android built-in)
  5. 3G/wifi in => fqrouter => bluetooth out (Android built-in)
  6. lan in => fqrouter => wifi out (some set-top box)
Wifi repeater is a unique feature, however it requires hardware/driver support
Pick & Play scan the devices in your LAN, and forge the default gateway to redirect their traffic via fqrouter


fqrotuer project was started as a ROM for tplink-wr703n, a mini wireless router capable of running 3rd party OS OpenWRT. At that time, I did not believe it is possible to make Android mobile phone as wireless router. But after the discovery of ways to start wifi hotspot concurrently with normal wifi connection on Android phones, the development focus then shifted from OpenWRT to Android. However, the support of OpenWRT is still on my radar, home wifi-router running OpenWRT is still the best platform for infrastructure deployment, such as Home/Office.

Tor Browser更新了

今天Tor Browser有两个更新:稳定版更新到4.0.4,测试版更新到4.5.alpha4。
但是测试版就有意思了:测试版可以显示当前网页的Tor链路是怎样的,只要点开Tor Button,就可以看到数据是经过了哪里的节点中转的;


而且,也可以打开Tor Button,点击“对此网站使用新的Tor链路”,就可以建立一条到当前网站的新的Tor链路。



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